BOISE -- April is Child Abuse Prevention month, and each year, KISS FM morning show host Keke Luv pulls out all the stops to put an end to abuse in our community.

He's pulled off some wild stunts in the past, like running seven marathons, or staying awake for seven straight days.

This year, it's a push to 'Cycle to Break the Cycle.' The unique LIVE for 175 event consists of volunteers riding 13 stationary bikes and powering the radio broadcast for 175 hours. If the cycles stop, so does the broadcast.

It's something the staff at KISS FM is passionate about.

I think it's the stories you report on, we hear them every day, and I don't know if we are just more aware of it, said Luv. You know what, I would love not to do this, I'm upset I have to keep doing this, I would love to not do this anymore, but every time there is a new story, it shows we have to continue to do this because it's not going away.

Luv says it's a great way for folks to take a meaningful action in raising awareness of child abuse.

Every time someone jumps on a bike, even for 60 seconds then they are standing up and saying it shouldn't hurt to be a child, said Luv.

Lynnette Horton came down to the studio to take part in the cycling marathon because of her personal connection to child abuse. I can really understand it, Horton said. I was abused as a child, and I wanted to get it out there and make a difference.

Horton says awareness is key to stopping the cycle, because all too often, kids are too afraid to talk.

Paramedic Chris Loffer also showed up to lend his support and leg power to the cause. He works with a woman who recently lost her grandson to abuse. I kind of felt helpless, Loffer said. You think we live in an age where people know it's wrong, and yet you still hear about it all the time.

The event got under way Friday and continues until this coming Friday at 5:00 p.m. Because it's a 24 hour a day operation, Luv is asking for riders to help out.

Volunteers are encouraged to go the the KISS FM website to learn more, or just show up at the corner of Eagle and Fairview and jump on a bike.

Anybody can come down and contribute, said Luv. I'm just playing the music and talking to people, it's everyone else that is powering the message.

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