MERIDIAN The Meridian City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to change its building code to require apartments and other multi-family dwellings to have carbon monoxide detectors.

The decision comes after a 19-year-old Marine died last November from carbon monoxide poisoning at the Sagebrush Apartments in Meridian.

The rewritten ordinance is shorter and more direct in its objective to keep families safe. The city removed some contentious issues after public outcry.

The discussion at today s council meeting lasted less than 20 minutes.

The new ordinance requires all multi-family dwellings, including apartments, to have a carbon monoxide detector in each unit that has natural gas appliances. The same already applies to homes in Meridian that use natural gas appliances.

Existing buildings will be grandfathered in, meaning they won't have to comply with the ordinance unless construction in the building is done that requires a permit from the city.

The work is not done yet, said Bruce Freckleton, Meridian Development Services. We want to continue to work with the industry to try and find some solutions. We want to raise awareness. Ultimately the health and safety of the citizens of Meridian is first and foremost on our mind.

The new ordinance took effect immediately.

City leaders say they will now work to educate the public.

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