BOISE The Davis Cup gave Boise a sturdy economic shot in the arm this past weekend. Tennis fans were not the only ones reeling in the benefits of this sporting event, in fact local restaurants and shops did too.

Terry Kopp with the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau, which helped sponsor the event, said it was a success, You just get caught up in all of the energy of it and I think that is what I have heard from people.

Kopp said by their calculations, an extra $2 million dollars dropped back into Boise s economy from the famous tennis event.

There were over 2,000 room nights which was the players, which they were the coaches the staff, the fans, she said. For us it's all about room nights so that would generate into over $2 million dollars.

However, according to Kopp, that is not the biggest benefit from the Davis Cup.

The other thing that is really big is the television coverage that Boise got, explained Kopp. We couldn't buy that much coverage because it was on the Tennis Channel, so Boise to get that kind of exposure it was millions.

Most importantly, Kopp said, when heads aren't in hotel beds-they are out in the community spending money and exploring what Boise offers.

Many out-of-towners were spotted at Whole Foods.

We saw a lot of extra folks in the store wearing their tennis gear, said Whole Foods Team Leader Bruce Green.

The opening of the organic super market chain came to Boise in November and it seems the timing could not have been better.

Green said shoppers recognized the brand and transactions increased by over 200 people each day and the number one-ranked tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic was also seen each day at Whole Foods.

It s great to see world class athletes in our town see them in action and then see them hanging out being regular people too, said Green.

Kopps said, the size of Boise and the fact that its relatively unknown by some, also made the Davis Cup a huge success.

She said, in a larger community-there could be other events to compete with, but this weekend belonged to the Davis Cup.

You re the big fish in a small pond, she said.

The Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau will take the time now-to poll the downtown businesses to see how much of a spike in sales they saw last week.

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