BOISE -- Saturday was all about the egg hunts in Boise.

In Julia Davis Park, Mix 106 held their Easter Egg Scramble Saturday morning, where kids of all ages and abilities scattered throughout the park looking for eggs and candy.

The Easter Bunny even made an appearance.

With the scramble going for more than 25 years, Mix 106 DJ Kate McGwire says this has really become, not just a community tradition, but also a family tradition.

One of the fun things about the Mix 106 Easter Egg Scramble is that the parents who are bringing their kids now, used to scramble 20 years ago when Mix 106 did it. It's so fun to see it become this family tradition that just grows and grows, said McGwire.

There was even an egg hunt for the parents, with prizes including a Baker County, Oregon staycation.

Meanwhile, over at Bronco Stadium, Boise State held the first ever Easter Egg Hunt on the Blue.

Not a whole lot of places to hide the eggs, unless, of course, they were blue, then this is the ideal spot.

Never the less, the kids really enjoyed the hunt, and organizers say they got a huge turnout.

It's fantastic. Last I heard, we had 500 RSVPs, but I think we have a lot more than that that turned out today. Everybody's really excited and having a great time. We were really excited about this event, and it turns out that everyone else is too, said Mike Journee with Boise State.

The Easter Bunny was busy as he also made an appearance at Boise State, along with Buster Bronco.

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