SANDPOINT -- The Idaho Supreme Court has reversed a lower court ruling and reinstated a land purchase from a sheriff's auction in which the buyer paid a tiny fraction of the land's value.

The Bonner County Daily Bee reports the higher court ruled Friday that the gross inadequacy of the price alone provided insufficient grounds to set aside the sale.

The case has its origins in 2009 when Leon Phillips and Earline Chance won an $87,000 judgment against the previous proper owner for nonpayment of promissory notes.

An attorney for Phillips and Chance erroneously thought the county had a responsibility to submit a bid based on the $87,000 outstanding debt.

Instead, Roy Jacobson bought the 20-acre parcel appraised at $99,000 for $1,000.

A 1st District Judge set aside the sale. But Jacobson appealed and won.

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