BOISE -- Firefighters extinguished a blaze in the basement of a single-story home near the 4900 block of Albion Street Wednesday.

Authorities say the home was recently vacated.

Boise Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Steve Rasulo says a passerby called 911 shortly before 9 a.m. to report smoke coming from the house.

When fire crews got on scene, the found the source of the flames were in the basement. Rasulo says because it was a basement fire, crews called for an extra fire truck to assist.

One thing to consider when we deal with a basement fire -- think of the stairways like your chimney in your fireplace -- all that heat wants to come up, so the firefighters have to make their way down to the source of the fire, Rasulo said.

Firefighters searched the house and found nobody was home. Investigators say the cause of the fire is from an overheated electric blanket that had been left turned on lying on the bed in the basement since last Wednesday.

Rasulo says the fire caused damage to the basement where the flames started. He also thanked the passerby who reported the situation.

We appreciate people that are paying attention, and see things like the fire and call us in.

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