BOISE -- Some important deadlines and processes are wrapping up that could determine if a controversial waste-to-energy facility will be built in Ada County. Dynamis Energy, has been in dealings with the county for years now, including some financial dealings. In point right now, the county is still waiting for $2 million to be repaid from Dynamis, and time's about up.

At a November 14, 2012 meeting, the Board of Ada County Commissioners voted to formally ask Dynamis to repay, within 90 days, the roughly $2 million given to the company to create plans for the facility.

As of Wednesday morning, it had been more than 90 days since that demand was signed, and the county clerk confirmed no money had come from Dynamis as of late Wednesday evening.

Commissioner Dave Case confirms it's been 91 days since he and two other commissioners signed the letter and the deadline would appear to be now passed, but he says there could be wiggle room depending on when Dynamis received the demand.

More importantly, he says, even with 90 days up, there's nothing that would automatically go into effect. Rather, what the deadline means for the commission is more options for how to get the money back.

Ultimately, Case says the commissioners would have to make any formal actions at an open business meeting, which are generally on Tuesdays.

The CEO of Dynamis Energy did not return KTVB's requests for information.

KTVB also checked in with the Department of Environmental Quality, which has been reviewing a draft air quality permit from Dynamis. Officials there say it's in final review stages and should be sending Dynamis a response any day now. If the process moves ahead, there will be public information and input sessions scheduled.

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