IDAHO CITY - The Boise County Sheriff's Office hopes to dig up new leads in a 2007 missing person case by bringing on the FBI and Idaho State Police.

It s a case that dates back to Dec. 28, 2007. That s the last day anyone saw Steve Kalogerakos.

Since then, the sheriff's office and Idaho City Police Department have exhausted just about every lead they have trying to figure out what happened to Kalogerakos.

The hope is by involving the FBI and Idaho State Police, that they can get this case solved.

One day he was here, one day he was gone, said Chief Deputy Dale Rogers with the Boise County Sheriff s Office.

Rogers has followed this case from the beginning. Now five years later, he says they have no suspects. That s why they re pulling in outside help. The FBI and ISP are bringing resources to this case that could prove helpful.

We feel like this information is the best we've had in the last three to four years, said Rogers.

Part of that information deals with a person of interest, Mike Dauber. Dauber is also a person of interest in a missing person case from 2000, involving Joshua Reddington from Salmon, Idaho.

Steve Kalogerakos' sister Maria, who spoke to KTVB over the phone from her home in Chicago, believes Dauber is more than a person of interest.

I think that somebody murdered my brother. Not just my brother, but also Joshua Reddington...and believe it is the same person that did it, said Maria Kalogerakos.

Both Maria and Rogers believe Kalogerakos knew a secret that led to his death.

We feel that the person that disappeared, being Steve Kalogerakos, probably had information that would have been damning or harmful in some manner to these people that we want to talk to, said Rogers.

Rogers, the FBI and ISP believe more people know about this case, they just need them to come forward. And when that happens, Maria hopes to get the closure she needs.

Every single day, every single moment you just, you know, wish you could have told that person one last 'I love you,' or just seen him for just a few more seconds, said Maria Kalogerakos.

The Boise County Sheriff's Office, as well as Idaho City Police, continues to meet about this case, and do so just about every week. The plan is to continue to do that until this case is solved.

Since the FBI got involved in this case there's reason to believe this investigation reaches into another country as well.

All of the agencies involved will get together next week to discuss the latest in this case.

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