VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The Vancouver woman who burned her face with drain cleaner and claimed to have been attacked has written a book about the hoax called Facing the Truth.

Bethany Storro wrote the book with Portland-area co-author Mona Kruger, herself a burn survivor.

A description says the book will take the reader through a maze of mental illness to uncover the history leading up to the tragedy . . . Bethany's desire is that others facing similar paths will find help and hope before dire consequences ensue.

Storro says she suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, in which a person focuses on a part of the body thought to be flawed, whether real or not.

Storro attracted national attention in August 2010 when she said a stranger threw a cup of acid in her face. She accepted donations from sympathetic people before she admitted to detectives she had made up the story.

Storro pleaded guilty to making a false statement to a public official and was sentenced to community service and ordered to continue mental health treatment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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