BOISE COUNTY -- The Idaho Department of Transportation has re-opened a 12-mile stretch of Highway 21 between the Grandjean Junction and Banner Summit.

The stretch was shut down at 2:30 p.m. on Friday due to the possibility of avalanches. It re-opened at 4:15 p.m. Sunday as the risk of avalanche diminished, ITD announced.

This was the third closure on that stretch of road, known as Avalanche Alley, this season.

State transportation officials say no snow slides have occurred, but the avalanche risk was on the rise and rated considerable, according to avalanche forecasters. There are approximately 52 inches of snow at Banner Summit.

There were eight closures on that stretch of Hwy 21 last year between Nov. 1 and March 31. There were about 50 slides in that five-month period, causing the highway to be closed for more than three weeks.

Travelers are urged to check the latest road reports before heading out.

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