BOISE -- As soon as the roads seem to be getting better, we are looking at more snow overnight. Crews at the Idaho Transportation Department are ready to combat it.

ITD says it gets a little more complicated when it gets colder.

Reed Hollinshead, spokesperson for ITD, said when it's below 27 degrees, their de-icer solution doesn't work. Instead they go out and plow the roads first, until the storm slows down. Once it's done snowing, they go out and treat the roads with salt. Their main mission is to keep ahead of the storm.

The case with any event, any snow event, that we have here in the valley, if we can get the roads clear, if we can get the snow off the road, it's not nearly the problem the next day, said Hollinshead.

He said the salt they use works best when it's mixed with snow. The moisture content helps activate the salt. The one challenge with this storm is there might be ice or slush left over from the last storm. Hollinshead said the frozen layer underneath the snow makes roads even more slippery.

ITD has an overnight crew and a morning crew that switch at 2 a.m. to get the roads ready for your commute.

Ada County Highway District said their supplies are fully stocked and crews and trucks are ready to go.

ACHD spokesperson Christine Myron says they will most likely have to treat roads with sand and salt with tonight s storm because of the cold temperatures. Their priority system for treating roads will be in place. They will first treat main roadways and signalized intersections, hills and areas around schools and hospitals.

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