BOISE -- Police say a missing Capital High School basketball player has been found safe and there is no evidence of foul play involved in his missing persons case reported over the weekend.

The family of 17-year-old Hunter Young reports the teen was located in Idaho Falls on Tuesday.

Hunter's father, Dave Young, told KTVBhis son had been charged with shoplifting, and that he'd been contacted by local authorities who said his son was being held in juvenile detention.

However, the story of Hunter Young's whereabouts are apparently much more complicated than a road trip to Idaho Falls.

Young was last seen Friday night after a basketball game. The Capital High School athlete went missing over the weekend, and didn't show up for a regularly scheduled basketball practice on Monday.

Young's mother told KTVB her son left their Boise home sometime early Saturday morning, and was supposed to join family and friends for a hunting trip.

That never happened.

Authorities in Connell, Wash., found Young's cell phone in a convenience store more than 300 miles away from Boise. Police say analysis of the phone showed a GPS map with directions to the Priest Lake area.

On Tuesday morning, Young's parents told KTVB they had reason to believe the 17-year-old was safe, and may have sold some personal items, and had more money than they thought.

Dave Young told KTVB he'd traveled to Connell and had watched surveillance video provided by police that showed his son purposefully leaving his cell phone in the gas station after paying for gas with cash.

Young's father also said he'd heard reports of his son being sighted in Bonners Ferry, Idaho later that day.

It's not clear how or why Hunter Young then traveled to Idaho Falls, and why he left his cell phone more than 600 miles away.

We asked Young's father why his son may have left, and he tells us he's still not sure. The 17-year-old Capital High junior is a top scorer for the boy's basketball team, and is reportedly in academic good standing.

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