BOISE -- Most main roads and the interstate are down to just some patches of ice here or there, but many of the neighborhoods and side streets are still coated in ice and dense snow.

The Ada County Highway District says that's exactly where they're prioritizing with sand and salt in neighborhoods and subdivisions -- curves, hills and intersections that have stop signs and stop lights.

We're dealing with that snow pack, so really at this point, we're not in a position where we can go dump a bunch of salt and try to eat away at that snow pack, said Christine Myron with Ada County Highway District. It would just be too challenging. So really prioritizing that and getting to where we can at those intersections so people can stop, treating that ice, treating that snowpack to try to loosen that up at least at intersections.

Between paying overtime and using up salt and sand supplies, ACHD says it is not practical to try to get rid of everything.

ACHD says it will ultimately take warmer temperatures to get rid of all the slick stuff on the side roads.

ACHD told KTVB, Monday night, that they have decided to keep some crews out overnight tending to trouble spots and responding to calls.

In addition, the supervisor will come in around 1:30 in the morning to see if they need to call in more people.

ACHD said they will likely be calling more crews in before Tuesday morning's commute.

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