NAMPA -- Voters in Nampa will now have a say in how the school system should overcome their $4.3 million budget shortfall.

Tuesday night, board members approved the plan to take a supplemental levy to the voters.

Many parents we talked with say as long as their taxes don't go up, they'll support any plan to get more money back in the schools.

But many also still wonder where the blame lies for the massive budget deficit.

In 2012, the school district discovered the accounting error that left them in a huge hole.

Since then, board members have been trying to figure out how make up the shortfall. Tuesday night, they made the decision.

It would be a one time, one year levy that would generate $4.3 million for the district to use to operate the district, said Nampa School District spokeswoman Allison Westfall.

Westfall say property taxes will not go up. Instead, she tells us tax money would go toward the schools' general operations fund, instead of paying back bonds.

She says those bonds would be refinanced to save money.

Joe Byers is a grandparent of a Nampa student.

At this point they don't have a lot of other options, they've dug a hole themselves as far as the upper echelon of the school district, it's not the teachers, said Byers.

Some people in Nampa tell us the levy is the only way to fix the problem. We need to vote in favor of it and get our kids in better standings, said Byers.

But others aren't happy about a supplement levy to solve a mistake the school system made.

They need to take care of that, the root of the problem, the levy isn't necessarily going to take care of that problem it may just happen again, said Germaine Austin.

I think we should do everything we can to cover the shortfall through creative means first, said Holly Wait.

We did talk with one parent who said she is against the levy. She told us it's the school district's mistake, so the school district should have to fix it.

The supplemental levy will go before the voters on March 12.

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