BENEWAY COUNTY, Idaho -- A group of survivalists with a vision of a walled and armed community is planning to build in North Idaho. The community is to be called The Citadel, a place where initial members, or as they're calling themselves pioneers, envision 3,500 to 7,000 families of Patriotic Americans living.

The group isn't taking media information requests right now, but its website has extensive information about why members choose Idaho and what their plans are.

A map shows the plan is to have condos, houses, schools, churches, a bank, a firearms museum and amphitheater. According to the group's website, Benewah County in North Idaho is ideal for their community because of a low population density and a shared world view with most of its liberty-minded residents: Independence, self-sufficiency and patriotism.

Not just anyone will be able to live in The Citadel. The group requires applications, interviews, and a signed agreement. Some of the terms spelled out include everyone 13 and up must be proficient with a rifle, handgun and AR-15, and each house must have enough food, water and essentials to last a year. The website also says tourists will be welcome and the compound will ideally have RV camping, bed and breakfasts and hotels.

The primary idea, the group says, is to be self-sufficient and defend against an economic collapse. The group says it's already bought 20 acres on a mountaintop and has started a firearms company in West Virginia to help fund the planned development. Members say they plan to finalize a location and break ground this summer.

The group's website says The Citadel is not for extremists or those who are prejudiced. Members also agree to uphold all state and federal laws.

The Benewah County sheriff could not be reached on Tuesday for comment or perspective on the group and its current plans.

To learn more about the group, click here.

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