BOISE Friday brought sunny conditions to the Treasure Valley and some welcome weather after the week brought two winter storms.

Emergency crews had a break from the crashes caused from the weather, but auto body shops are now in full swing

At Capitol Auto Body on West Emerald Street in Boise, co-owner Craig Evans said they have 60 cars on deck, needing repairs.

People get into a wreck, we fix it, said Evans.

Evans said it's like clockwork; once the snow hits, those broken headlights, smashed fenders and flattened tires need mending.

We can't work on them fast enough, he said. There is always a two or three day delay but then one snow storm will keep us busy for a month.

Seventy percent of the cars at Capitol Auto Body are there because of the winter weather. Evans knows it s his job to make that driver s bad day better.

People see cars as an extension of themselves, he said.

However, it s a different story at Commercial Tire on Fairview- one day after a rush on snow tires.

Just having a little break right now, said Assistant Manager, Jerry Robinson. (We are) pretty well caught up.

When the snow flies, Commercial Tire can see almost 100 cars a day needing work, Robinson says it can get stressful.

People standing at the counter wanting it right now, he said.

Now they can rest.

We are not as busy today (Friday) with the nicer weather with the sunshine going as we were yesterday with the snow, said Robinson.

Evans said with the business now, after the storms some folks will have to wait maybe two to three weeks to get their cars back.

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