BOISE --- A Meridian woman has been sentenced to at least five years in prison after failing to report the death of her 75-year-old roommate, along with stealing money from the deceased woman.

An Ada County judge sentenced Carrie Horsman to a five-year fixed sentence, along with five years of indeterminate prison time on Wednesday.

Horsman is accused of failing to report the death of 75-year-old Dee Lynn in 2007. Police say Lynn was found at least a week after her death, zipped inside a suitcase in the garage of her Meridian home.

Horsman was living with Lynn at the time, and according to police, was even the one to report her missing on June 19, 2007.

Lynn's body was discovered in a suitcase in the garage of her home three days later. Meridian Police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea says the body was badly decomposed and had likely been there at least a week. He says Lynn was about 5-foot-1 tall, and her entire body was in the suitcase.

Jerry Vandersnick, who rented a room in Lynn's house, has said when he last saw her on June 15, she was preparing to confront Horsman about some forged checks. Basterrechea says Horsman took steps to cover up the death, and steal money from Lynn. He says Horsman was in possession of some of Lynn's checks and money, which is where the grand theft charge comes from.

Horsman pleaded guilty to the crimes of failure to report a death, along with grand theft on October 24, 2012.

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