BOISE -- Drivers are encountering fog, black ice, and slippery spots on area roadways Wednesday morning.

It's no surprise.

Tuesday night's cold temperatures created a sheen of ice on parking lots, side streets, and other areas.

The valley's slick conditions will likely disappear as daytime temperatures rise Wednesday. However, the cycle could happen again Wednesday night, creating dangerous road conditions again.

We checked in with Ada County, Canyon County, Elmer County, and Idaho State Police. They tell us the challenging conditions haven't yet caused any accidents overnight Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

That said, it's been a busy couple days for Idaho State Police.

We've been responding to a lot of calls for service as far as crashes go, said Trooper Kenny Walker, who has been with Idaho State Police for about two years.

Trooper Walker said the snow has been creating havoc in traffic, but the worst may be yet to come.

When motorists see snowfall coming down, they literally slow down because they can see the danger, Walker said. The way it is now, the conditions when you went to work might not be the same as when you go home at night. You're going to have melt during the day, and then you're going to have temperatures that dip down below freezing, and you're going to have some black ice.

Trooper Walker sees one common problem.

I'd say one of the biggest mistakes people make is just going too fast for the conditions and for the ability they have as a driver.

He said drivers do not know what their abilities are until they've been in an accident. In addition, many drivers are overconfident in their skills behind the wheel.

One thing people need to keep in mind is the speed limit is only a suggestion under ideal conditions, Walker said. If you have precipitation on the road, you have ice on the road; you want to make sure you're lowering your speed to be within your driving ability.

Winter driving is about more than controlling your driving, and It is also about being aware of what's happening around you.

I would just encourage people to maintain a safe speed that they can control, and just continually assess what the conditions are around them, he said.

Trooper Kenny Walker also has some advice of what to keep in your car during the winter months. He said you should keep extra blankets and warm clothes, especially if you are driving with kids, and if you can, bring some flares, too.

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