BOISE -- 8-year-old Angelyn Wade cut her long, beautiful hair for a good cause. She did it for kids who don't have hair due to illness.

One of those kids is close to her heart. Her name is Lilyan King, and she's just three years old. Lilyan is fighting neuroblastoma, a dangerous form of brain cancer.

Angelyn wears a special locket with a picture of Lilyan in it, to remind her of what she's been working so hard for. About a year ago, she decided to raise money for Lilyan. She didn t know her personally, but had heard about her battle, and wanted to help. Angelyn took pledges from family and friends for each inch of hair she planned to donate. She cut off eleven inches, and in the process she raised over six thousand dollars for Lilyan s family.

Angelyn says she cut her long hair, and raised money for Lilyan because it just made her feel good! She hopes to inspire other kids too.

The King family says they plan to use the money Angelyn raised for them to help pay Lilyan's mounting medical bills. They couldn t believe the generosity of this little girl!

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