BOISE -- Several months after police made multiple arrests, local, state and federal agencies gave KTVB a look at evidence they collected to help prosecutors take down a violent street gang, known as the Slayers.

An April 2012 search of Boise homes and a tattoo shop turned up multiple guns and many gang paraphernalia, including a copy of the gang's official bylaws. It was all evidence prosecutors say they used to get multiple members of the Slayers gang into prison.

It's a remarkable case where this cooperation between state, local and federal law enforcement and the local prosecutor results in the virtual decimation of a criminal gang, Ada County Prosecutor Greg Bower said.

Gathering up the evidence took around a year's worth of investigating; starting with the Boise Police Department Gang Unit getting a tip on this dangerous street gang that affiliated with street and prison gangs, as well as outlaw motorcycle groups.

Detectives say the Slayers leader was originally tied to the Hells Angels in California, then affiliated with other gangs. They say the gang went underground for a while, then moved here to Idaho and began recruiting. Most of their crimes involved robbery and selling marijuana and prescription drugs.

They were extremely well organized. They were into drug sales, interstate drug sales. We know that they were involved in home invasion robberies. We know they were providing firearms to gang members. They were also involved in extortions, Boise Police Department Gang Intelligence Unit Sgt. Jeff Basterrechea said.

In November 2011, Idaho State Police ended up investigating one of those extortion plots involving an innocent victim.

In this particular case, it was through the utilization of the internet. The victim had placed an ad to sell their car, happened to be on Craigslist, and they were identified as a potential target by the Slayers gang, ISP Captain Steve Richardson said.

Once the ISP and BPD realized they were dealing with the same group -- they joined up and asked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for assistance. ATF agents helped with the April searches and assisted in seizing a variety of guns that agents say the Slayers were using to commit their dangerous crimes.

In fact, in their bylaws, it was mandated that they possess an AK-47 rifle to protect themselves and the organization's businesses, Vincent Pallozzi, Boise ATF Resident Agent in Charge, said.

Now, almost every Slayers member arrested has been sentenced to prison, including the gang's national leader Jerry Brown. Police now believe the gang is effectively broken up, at least on the streets, and they say other gangs have also gotten a message.

We know of one group that was involved with the Slayers that once they had been arrested, they disbanded, Basterrechea said.

Prosecutors say most of the Slayers will serve at least a few years in prison, and because of that, they say the Slayers organizational structure is now damaged, but they say the individual members remain dangerous.

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