NAMPA -- Reaction is coming in today about the Nampa school board's plan to make up a $4.3 million shortfall. The plan includes furlough days for some staff members and new fees for some students.

An administrative assistant for Nampa schools says they've had a few phone calls in reaction to the decision Tuesday night.

The Nampa school board voted to require all classified employees to take four furlough days without pay. Classified employees include every staff member except teachers and principals.

We were told today that some principals and teachers are volunteering to take furlough days as well.

Nampa School District spokeswoman Allison Westfall says they are working on a plan that would allow principals and teachers to volunteer days off without pay.

Because teachers and principals are contracted employees, there are legal steps the district must take to make that happen for those who want to volunteer to be furloughed.

The mandatory furlough days of classified employees must be taken this school year.

The school board also voted to impose transportation fees for some high school and middle school students beginning this spring.

Middle school students must pay $25 and high school students $50 for each sporting activity they choose to participate in.

Also beginning next school year, middle and high school students will also be charged an activity fee for certain sports, debate and drama -- $35 for high school students, $20 for middle school students.

To give you an example what this will cost - a Columbia High School student who wants to play football, basketball and baseball is now looking at $185 in fees to play all those sports.

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