BOISE -- Imagine coming to Idaho as a refugee from another country. What would it be like to learn a whole new way of life? Could you learn a new language, or a new culture?

One thing is certain: it would be overwhelming.

This holiday season, some special elves are making sure 20 refugee families new to Boise experience the traditions and joys of their first American Christmas.

The refugee families have come through The Agency for New Americans -- from places like Somalia, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.

The group behind this effort is called the Eternal League of Friends, or (ELF).

That's a fitting name for the group!

We as a group adopt them for the holidays to treat them to their first American Christmas, says Jeanie Stidham fromELF.

This is the sixth year of the event. Every year it gets bigger and better. ELF donor families adopt the refugee families, and shower them with gifts.

This year 65 refugees were given a Christmas. It was an incredible and overwhelming experience for all!

The Eternal League of Friends is a non-profit organization. For more information about what it does or how you can get involved click here.

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