BOISE -- Neighborhood Housing Services is known for projects like Paint the Town and Rake up Boise. This summer, they started a new department aimed at getting people into affordable homes in Boise.

2414 Breneman was an empty eyesore this summer.

The whole house was gutted, so it was basically just the walls and the floors, said Michael Shepard, the head of NHS' Acquisition Rehab Department.

It was foreclosed on by the bank, when Neighborhood Housing Services bought it in August. NHS bought the house as part of their new Acquisition Rehab department.

Our program is to help low to moderate income families get into homes, said Shepard.

This house sat empty for more than a year. Now the house has new life and a new owner. They are closing on the house in mid-December. The new owner is a single mom.

The fact that she can get in before Christmas I think is just great, closing in about a two week period of time, Shepard said.

They designed this house to be affordable to live in, with energy efficient upgrades, like a tank-less water heater. With the money from the sale, Shepard hopes to fix up and resell more homes.

Half of the proceeds will go back into the department so we can continue buying more homes, and the other half goes to support programs at neighborhood housing that don't actually bring in income.

This was their first home project for the Acquisition Rehab Department. NHS is currently working on two other homes, to make home ownership possible for more families. Neighborhood Housing Services wants to get the acquisition rehab program to a point where they are selling multiple houses every month.

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