BOISE -- The winning Powerball numbers from tonight's $550 million jackpot are 5, 23, 16, 22, 29 and Powerball 6.

No word yet if there was a winner drawn Wednesday night, but if there were one or more, the odds were really in their favor. The chance of winning the Powerball jackpot is one in more than 175 million. Stack those chances against your chance of being attacked by a shark: one in 11.5 million. The National Weather Service says the odds of being struck by lightning at some time in your life: one in 10,000.

Still, against all odds, many here in Idaho are buying tickets. An Idaho Powerball winner is hoping another Idahoan will join him in the winner's circle.

Back in 2005, Brad Duke won a $220.3 million Powerball jackpot. At the time, it was the second largest Powerball jackpot in history.

The current jackpot is more than two-times Duke's prize. Duke played the lottery regularly, and said he dreamed what it might be like to win. After winning, he said he wanted to grow his wealth. Now, he runs a charity called the Duke Family Foundation. He said he hopes another Idahoan can claim the Powerball.

That would be great! That would be great for our state, great for that person. And whoever it is, they need to be prepared for change, however, said Duke.

Even if another Idahoan does not win, the Gem State will still benefit. Powerball is a national game, but part of the money from tickets sold here will stay in Idaho.

About 25 cents on every single dollar that are from the sales of these games will end up benefiting public schools and the permanent building fund in Idaho, said David Workman of Idaho Lottery.

Workman said Idaho Lottery pays a part of the prize fund and the expenses for the game, but they keep the balance right here.

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