TWINFALLS-- Here at Channel 7 -- we can't get enough of our toy drives.

So today we went to Twin Falls for part-two of our Fred Meyer toy shopping spree.

Today it was Doug Petcash and Larry Gebert going head-to-head on the toy aisle.

They each had two minutes to try and gather as many toys as possible -- without breaking them hopefully -- and get their carts up to the check stand.

This is an annual tradition where Fred Meyer donated $2,500 worth of toys to the Salvation Army.

It's exciting for us. A big part of what we do is excitement and to see an event like this, just see them racing to get toys, this reminds us really of the urgency that we have to provide joy to kids and joy to parents and toys are a great way to do that, said Capt. Marcos Marquez, Salvation Army.

This Saturday, on December first, we team up with Fred Meyer again for the Stuff the Bus event.

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