BOISE -- It's difficult to keep up with the demands of a busy holiday and any setback can really be an issue.

For the Boise Salvation Army, it's been dealing with a big phone problem.

Since the organization upgrade its system in October, there's been nothing but problems.

People who call to volunteer, donate or reach out for help are often left hearing silence when they call.

The Salvation Army is also having trouble with its voicemail system.

It's really huge. This is the time of year we get the most phone calls. To know that we are missing phone calls and people think they've left messages is very frustrating, said John Stennett, Boise Salvation Army.

Commanding Officer John Stennett says the problem should be fixed by Friday.

In the meantime, he recommends people call more than once until they get through to a person.

And if they leave a message and don't hear back within 24 hours, call again.

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