BOISE -- The Idaho County Sheriff's Office says a rafter missing near the Snake River since Friday has been found.

Deputies say 54-year-old Alexander Belyaev, of Seattle, Wash., left Hells Canyon Dam area on Friday, planning to raft to Pittsburg Landing where he had left his vehicle.

He never showed up for work Tuesday morning.

Search and Rescue crews searched the river by jets boat until after dark Tuesday and set out again Wednesday morning from Pittsburg Landing.

Around 8:30 a.m., searchers found Belyaev camped on a beach about 10 miles upriver. He was fine and initially resisted a deputy's request to go back to Pittsburg Landing.

Authorities say Belyaev continued his rafting trip, covering about 8 miles a day, and camping on the river bank in the evenings.

After returning to his vehicle, Belyaev was headed back home to Seattle.

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