BOISE The Boise Police Department is investigating a credible security threat at the Boise Airport as a criminal matter.

Boise Airport spokesperson Patti Miller said the call came into an airport tenant on the second floor atrium at around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Because the terminal was so close, TSA immediately closed down the security checkpoint to travelers, while police officers responded to the airport to investigate.

Several hundred travelers were stranded in line spanning the length of the airport s second floor, waiting for the matter to get resolved.

KTVB spoke with the members of the Boise State University volleyball team, who became stranded heading to Las Vegas for a match. Coach Shawn Garris said more than half the team was able to make it through security while the rest were stopped and forced back out of security. Their 3:00 p.m. flight became delayed, as well as many other flights for travelers.

Planes coming into Boise were still able to land at the airport, but passengers were not able to walk through the airport. Instead, they were loaded on shuttle buses on the tarmac and taken to another entrance to get their bags.

At 4:30 p.m., TSA security opened back up and Miller said in about 20 minutes, all the travelers waiting in line were able to make it through security and to their planes.

Miller said after the security gate was open, flights did become delayed to other locations, because of an obvious domino effect.

Boise Police are actively searching for who is responsible for calling in the threat. They ask anyone with information to call Crime stoppers at 343-COPS

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