KITTANNING, Pa. -- A woman with a history of scamming people into believing she's pregnant or abused is on the lam again.

This time, 33-year-old Amy Slanina is a fugitive on charges that she stayed at a battered women's shelter in western Pennsylvania by falsely claiming to be the abused wife of a Pittsburgh police officer.

Slanina has disappeared instead of appearing for a September court date, much like she has disappeared after perpetrating other scams in several states, including Idaho.

Police say earlier this year, Slanina used a cell phone and computer to try and scam an Idaho couple into adopting her baby - even though she wasn't pregnant.

A court summons was mailed to the Ohio Reformatory for Women where she was serving time for a parole violation in another scam, but it was returned to sender.

It's unclear how western Pennsylvania authorities have lost track of Slanina, or when she might be brought back to face the charges.

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