BOISE -- Its likely that all three of Tom Luna's education overhaul initiatives will fail after Idaho's vote count is completed on Wednesday.

That means Students Come First could be overturned in a rare, statewide referendum.

The Associated Press announced shortly after 2 a.m. that proposition 3 of the Students Come First education reforms had failed.

Popularly known as the technology initiative, proposition 3 would have provided laptops and offered online classes to all Idaho high school students, among other features.

The initiative carried an 8-year contract and came with a $180 million price tag.

As of 5 a.m. Wednesday, propositions 1 and 2 were also trailing in the polls.

Those propositions would limit union bargaining rights, and introduce a merit pay system for teachers.

If the numbers hold, it would be a clear disaster for Luna's plans to remake Idaho's schools.

A loss at the polls for Luna's signature issue could also be a high-stakes barometer for his political future.

A Luna spokeswoman, Melissa McGrath, said he'd withhold comment until final results are in.

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