BOISE-- Idaho Power received word Friday night that their crews were needed in New York to help restore power after Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy caused destruction all along the East Coast and as residents try to pick up the pieces, Idaho Power crews will lend a helping hand.

In this case they have called us to Long Island, said Idaho Power spokesperson Lynette Berriochoa.

Berriochoa said Idaho Power is a part of a mutual assistance group where West Coast utilities share with East Coast utilities and pull resources from each other when needed.

In a situation like this all utilities will try to step up and help as best they can, she said.

Requests for help have been stretching across the country.

We have made that available the last couple of days and the Long Island Power Authority has asked us to send our people, said Berriochoa.

She said the number of people living without power is still high and Idaho Power has the resources to help get those residents out of the dark.

This is so huge, said Berriochoa. Long Island Power Authority alone has over a million people or it had over a million people out that is slowly getting fixed but so we step up and help each other when we can and typically it's a closer response.

The details of how crews will get over to the East Coast are still being worked out, according to Berriochoa.

The equipment is the challenge because we have line bed trucks and flatbed trucks available to send, she said. It s a four day drive, so we may fly using military aircraft.

Idaho Power hopes to get that plan together through the weekend and get crews on the road as soon as possible.

We are excited to be a part of it and there are a lot of people at Idaho power that wanted to respond, said Berriochoa.

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