Oz Blog Day Eleven

On a recent Dr. Oz episode, the good doctor recommended 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily. He said you could simply replace your cooking oil with it, but (as evidenced in prior blogs) I m never one to take the simple route.

I tried it in my smoothie this morning, and it congealed into large bark-like pieces. You can watch the above video, and see me eating the stuff like gelato. It wasn t terrible, and far better than a lot of the things I ve eaten for this blog (a whole onion, brewer s yeast, pea protein, etc...). However, it left a film in my mouth like I just ate a spoonful of fat... wait, let me check the ingredients... I just ate a spoonful of fat. Why would Oz recommend this? Apparently, it s good fat (zero Trans fat, zero hydrogenated fat), and a great source of energy. I ll try to mix it in with my smoothie more evenly, and also use it for cooking.

Oz also recently talked about how hearing others talk excitedly about how they hit their weight-loss goals, is a great motivation to lose weight. That s certainly nice. But, a better motivation to stick to your plan and lose weight seems to be writing a blog about it. There are a lot of people holding me accountable right now (even though this is less a weight-loss blog, and more an I m going to see how practical this stuff is, and you can watch me eat weird stuff sometimes blog ).

Thursday s show was all about skin care. Guest doctors recommended Phytoceramides and topical vitamin C to improve the look of your skin (specifically on your face). They said it would take months to see results, but I still want to see if I can find those at the store. I need all the help I can get.

They also recommended vegetables (which I m trying to eat more of), tomato paste (which I regularly eat, since my wife is a great Italian cook), and bromelain (which is found in pineapple). I can t stand pineapple. I might be able to hide the taste and texture if I threw it in my smoothie, but it s getting crowded in there. I ll see if I can just find a bromelain supplement.

The guest doctors also recommended changing face cleansers, if yours isn t moisturizing and exfoliating. I use a cleanser that was a beauty secret of the ancient Babylonians. It s been used throughout the millennia to make people look younger, be healthier, and live longer. It s called, soap. I m going to stick with soap. It worked for Babylon.

7:00AM - Personal business followed by a weigh-in
7:10AM - Chant
7:15AM - Do the Five Tibetans workout
7:20AM - Chris Powell s five minute workout
7:25AM - Lift weights
7:30AM - Drink Kitchen Sink Smoothie
8:00AM - Read Tweets
2:00PM - Eat dark chocolate
6:00PM - Take fiber supplement
8:00PM - Post on Facebook
10:20PM - Use neti pot (helps snoring) ($12.50 a month, including pot)
11:20PM - Apply nasal strip (helps snoring) ($10 a month)
11:25PM - Do bed yoga
11:30PM - Bedtime

- Some onion (treats and prevents various diseases) ($2.50 for a 5lb bag)
- Papaya juice (increases energy) ($4 for 32oz)
- 1oz of dark chocolate (lowers cholesterol, improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation) ($15 a month)
- 2 cups of white tea (busts fat) ($7.50 a month)
- 2 tbsp of coconut oil (improves metabolism) ($12 a month)

- 2000mg of glucomannan root (dietary fiber/weight loss) ($13 a month)
- 500mg of turmeric (fights liver damage/Alzheimer s/some cancers) ($7.50 a month)
- 400mg of astragalus (slows down aging) ($7.50 a month)
- 1 Tbsp of pea protein powder (curbs cravings) ($18 a month)
- 1 Tbsp of brewer s yeast (increases energy) ($15 a month)

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