MERIDIAN -- Despite the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy, the ING New York City marathon will take place on Sunday in what's now being coined, the Race to Recover. The campaign means runners, including an Idaho teacher, will be running to help storm victims.

Through the Race to Recover campaign, the race organizers, the New York Road Runners, is donating a million dollars to storm victims and asking runners to donate as well. The organization says it knew there may be some controversy over keeping the race but felt there would be controversy if they canceled.

Middleton theater teacher Alicia Wright began training in July for this race, her second marathon. She has been running on her treadmill at her Meridian home, with a New York City poster tacked on the wall. After the store, she initially hesitated about whether to take the trip to New York and run.

I was really worried this whole week, Wright said. I was really struggling with the idea of whether or not I should go just with all the people that are suffering and all the damage to the city. It just seemed like I was coming in on their territory, and I was just really struggling with the idea, should I go or should I not?

Ultimately, Wright decided she had trained hard, wanted to run, and could personally help out New Yorkers in the process by doing a little of her own fundraising.

I tried to think of how I could change this into a more positive aspect, Wright said. Since I am going and the marathon is going on, I actually started a Facebook page with [website] Crowd Rise to get everybody, all my friends and family to donate to the Red Cross. So I have on my shirt 'Running for the Red Cross'.

So far, in just one day online, Wright has raised more than $300 for the Red Cross. Click here to see her donations page.

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