BOISE -- The fallout from Hurricane Sandy caused air travelers to experience weather related problems at the Boise Airport Monday.

Flights to Phoenix and SanFrancisco were canceled due to bad weather on the east coast.

Locally dense fog also caused delays and at least one cancellation Monday.

Five flights were also canceled Sunday night due to fog.

The Boise Airport's communications manager says both weather events are unrelated -- and unfortunate.

Patti Miller cautions travelers to stay in contact with individual airlines for updates. Check with the carrier -- the airlines are doing a good job of keeping people current, Miller said.

Miller added that text messages and email alerts are the best way to get instant updates from airlines. They're going to keep you current, Miller said.

For real-time flight data at the Boise Airport check out the airport's FlightTracker Map.

The Flight Aware system also provides detailed updates on traffic into the Boise Airport and Gowen Field.

Airport officials say more weather related cancellations could happen.

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