GRESHAM Unsealed search warrants in the case of suspected killer Jonathan Holt show police found child pornography and two handguns he had possessed.

More than 40 pages of documents were released Friday afternoon describing the investigation that eventually identified Jonathan Holt as the suspect in the murder of Whitney Heichel.

The documents also describe police interviews with Holt and his wife Amanda who said her husband disappeared the day Heichel went missing.

Holt's wife told detectives he had told her a story about being robbed, and she replied to detectives that she felt he was probably lying to her. She told police that it had been absolutely crazy the past two days and she was sure that whole story (Holt's story) sounds crazy as well.

Amanda Holt went on to tell police that Jonathan Holt can't handle things well and is very private. She said that Holt keeps everything to himself. So many things build up, I think he just loses it, the search warrants say.

Amanda Holt said in the reports that her husband disappeared before, and about a year ago, he freaked out and left because he was having issues with his job.

Holt is charged with six counts of aggravated murder in the shooting death of 21-year-old Whitney Heichel, whose body was found by police on Larch Mountain last week.

Documents show investigators found two handguns in their search, one was found outside the Gresham Police Department where he is thought to have ditched it.

Holt admitted to detectives there was child porn on a computer in his possession and that he had previously broken into Heichel s apartment and stolen an iPhone.

A team of detectives set up surveillance of Holt at his job at Canteen Services in Portland before he was arrested.

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A detective following Holt said they watched him dump ammunition boxes, ammunition and a holster at locations around Gresham. Later, before a scheduled interview with detectives, Holt hid a handgun near his work and another in the bushes of the Gresham Police Department parking lot, both of which were recovered by police.

In his interview, Holt admitted shooting and killing Heichel. He also told police had had downloaded child pornography on computers he owned.

Initially, Holt said he had been robbed at gunpoint the morning of October 16, the same day Whitney Heichel disappeared.

Holt told detectives two men robbed him, taking his backpack and electronics while he was on his way to ride the MAXto work -- a story police said was retold later with inconsistencies.

Detectives said Holt told them he was stressed about the alleged robbery and that if it had not happened, he would have been more helpful to them regarding Whitney's disappearance.

Holt told detectives he was having a sort of surreal feeling.

Like, is all this stuff really happening, Whitney gone; I got robbed, documents show.

Holt eventually confessed to investigators he shot and killed Whitney, then led them to where he dumped her body on LarchMountain, according to police.

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