COLVILLE, Wash. -- Three juveniles are in trouble with the law after investigators found stolen heavy equipment in a wooded area near Colville.

Detectives say the teens were planning a party outside of town.

Stevens County Sheriff Detectives came across the mountain of stolen stuff just off Old Dominion Road. The stash, worth about $235,000, included a bulldozer, back hoe, flat-bed trailer, two side-by-sides and a stolen SUV with guns inside.

The machinery came from two Colville businesses.

The plan for the party ended when one of the victims followed distinctive tracks on a gravel road. Colville Valley Concrete's owner says he found his machinery and the side-by-sides from Clark s Marine and Power Sports, but the equipment is now damaged.

Law enforcement also hauled out and dismantled a still used for making alcohol.

Detectives say it's a good thing they found the setup fast and were able to stop the party before it could get out of hand.

The two boys and one girl were booked on three different theft charges.

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