BOISE -- The defense in the Rob Hall murder trial finished its case today, this after Hall decides not to take the stand.

Hall is accused of killing Meridian attorney Emmett Corrigan in a Walgreens parking lot in March 2011.

Today was decision day for Rob Hall, and we now know he will not take the stand in his own defense. With that, the prosecution and defense both finished presenting evidence today.

The defense finished by bringing the lead investigator to the stand to show some text messages victim Emmett Corrigan sent the night of the shooting. He was complaining to a friend about Rob Hall's relationship with his wife Kandi Hall, and Corrigan said he couldn't get a hold of her and said he was about ready to drive over and beat Rob Hall up.

Rob Hall's daughter also testified, she said things at home had been tense and her father talked about moving out the day of the shooting.

Then, the prosecution was back with witnesses refuting a defense expert theory that the bullet that hit Corrigan in the chest was the same that grazed Rob Hall in the head.

Unequivocally that is not... there is absolutely no physical evidence that fits with that scenario, said Dr. Glen Groben, forensic pathologist. You would have to say that that bullet, that the characteristic of that bullet, that the way it looked was consistent with him hitting his head first. You cannot say that.

The final evidence was a jail phone call between Rob Hall and his mother, one in which Hall says he didn't realize Corrigan was using steroids. That's been a point of the defense - that the victim's steroid use may have made him irritable and aggressive.

Now the only things left are jury instructions and closing arguments, which will happen tomorrow.

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