BOISE -- Following the District- 1 debates Monday night, House District- 2 took center stage with Republican Representative Mike Simpson and his challenger Democratic State Senator Nicole LeFavour.

During the debate, the two discussed tax deficits, as well as what it means for Idahoans with extended unemployment benefits ending this year.

Senator Nicole LeFavour said, There is no way our nation can sustain any kind of economic recovery as long as people have nothing, as long as they're not putting food on the table. This is not a time that we can do that, there are not extra jobs floating around out there they can just pick up. So I would say this would be an incredibly ill advised move to make.

While Representative Mike Simpson said, We still have extended unemployment benefits, it's not as long as the 99 weeks that they had before, we cut that back and did that in the debt ceiling debate... These are really nice theoretical debates what's not theoretical is that will have a 1.3 trillion dollar budget deficit this year. We cannot continue to just print money because ultimately inflation is going to take over and the economy is going to go to the floor.

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