BOISE -- Betty Richardson and Fred Martin have their eyes on West Boise. Senator Andreason's old spot in District 15 is up for grabs in what political analyst Dr. Jim Weatherby says will be one of the races to watch.

I think that the legislature is very lopsided and I don't think one-party government is good for Idaho, democrat candidate Betty Richardson told KTVB.

Her opponent, Fred Martin, told us Senator Andreason is endorsing him. Martin said he's trying to meet as many folks in the district as possible.

What makes this district interesting is its moderate leaning. Dr. Weatherby said the question is which candidate fits the district.

Richardson is running as a fairly moderate democrat. Martin is trying to establish his moderate credentials and back away a little bit from the party platform, said Dr. Weatherby.

Weatherby said Betty Richardson outspent her opponent, which he said doesn't happen often with the democrats. She spent about $86,000, Martin about $66,000.

However, the names at the top of the ballot could effect this race.

This is a presidential election year. Democrats don't do well because since 1968 republicans have always carried Idaho and usually by landslides, and the coat tail effect should help Fred Martin, Weatherby said.

Weatherby said the Propositions 1, 2, and 3 will help bring out voters from both sides. In addition, if Richardson wins, he said it would be a big step for the democrats.

This would be quite a breakthrough particularly in a presidential year where typically democrats lose seats.

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