BOISE -- Elections are in less than a month. In addition to the presidential election, there are quite a few measures on the Idaho ballot. Two constitutional amendments are up for a vote.

SJR 102 clarifies the Board of Corrections authority on probation. Currently, the Idaho Constitution states that the Board of Correction has control of adult probation and parole. Counties use their own probation officers for misdemeanor probation.

Our concern was that we'd be supervised by the State Department of Corrections and we didn't think that was a good fit at all, said Daniel Chadwick, Director of the Idaho Association of Counties.

The amendment would specify that the board of corrections has control of felony probation. Those in favor say this make the law customizable at a county level, instead of one size fits all. Those against say the constitution should only be changed for major issues of state interest.

The other amendment, HJR 2, would put the right to hunt, fish, and trap in the Idaho Constitution. People in favor say hunting, fishing and trapping are an important part of Idaho's heritage. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission supports the amendment, saying in part:

...opposition groups in other states have sought to hijack wildlife management by restricting or eliminating these activities. It's important for Idahoans to act now to ensure future generations an opportunity to experience Idaho's sporting heritage.

Opponents say this is not the way the constitution should be used.

HJR2 represents a misuse of the constitution. We don't enshrine in the constitution protection for the activities of a very few, said Dr. David Adler.

The amendment specifies hunting, fishing and trapping will be a preferred means of managing wildlife. Adler said the Right to Hunt amendment is mostly aimed at protecting trapping.For more information on what's on the ballot visit this website for official voting information.

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