VALE, Ore. -- Closing arguments are set to begin today in an attempted murder trial featuring the miraculous survival of a victim who police say was shot execution style.

Police say the attempted murder of 19-year-old Ramon Fry took place at the home of Lester and Erlene Reger back in February.

A total of four suspects are implicated in the attempted murder. Suspects Erlene Reger and Todd Mulvaine are serving as co-defendants together.

Police say 50-year-old Erlene Reger lured Fry into her home's garage, where her 61-year-old husband Lester allegedly hit him over the head with a large piece of wood, and then shot him with a .25 caliber pistol.

Police say it appeared that Fry was shot execution style, in the back of the head, but was able to escape and run out of the home where he flagged-down a passing car.

A third suspect, Todd Mulvaine, is accused of providing the pistol, along with several hollowed out bullets tipped with wax. Police say the Regers also planned to pay Mulvaine $1,200 to bury Fry's dead body on his property after the killing.

A fourth suspect, 55-year-old John Fritz, pleaded guilty to conspiring with the Regers to commit the murder earlier this year.

Fry is the father of the Regers' grandchild.

Lester Reger's trial is set for November.

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