MERIDIAN -- A fire at a Meridian home Saturday left the home gutted and a one family pet dead.

At about four in the afternoon, the Meridian Fire Department was called to a home on the 2800 block of Tagish Way. That's just a couple blocks from a home that was destroyed in a fire last week. Meridian Fire Deputy Chief Chris Amenn said they do not think the two fires are related.

Amenn says the first crew went inside the house to look for people. They didn't find anyone inside, but the fire grew so they had to get out.

Neighbors say they saw large flames and lots of smoke, so they came outside to look.

I was upstairs watching the football game and my daughter comes running around the corner telling me the house next door is on fire, said neighbor Channing Bryant.

The house next door has smoke damage, forcing the residents to leave for a couple days. But there was no heat damage.

There were no injuries, but a dog in the house died and the cat was taken to the veterinarian.

Firefighters do not yet know the cause.

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