SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- There's a new break in a cold case dating back about 30 years. A Kuna man doing time for kidnapping and assaulting a woman in Idaho is now being charged with the murder and rape of an 11-year-old Salt Lake City girl back in 1983.

Forty-four-year-old Gregory Seamons has been in jail for about six years on charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, and unlawful firearm possession. He's accused of raping a woman near her Kuna home. But new DNA evidence is now also linking him to the killing and rape of Rebecca Lemburger, an 11-year-old from the Salt Lake suburb of Ogden nearly 30 years ago.

According to Utah's records on the cold case, Lemburger went missing on March 3, 1983 while on her way to school. Her body was found the next day in an isolated shed. Lemburger died from a blow to the head. Now, an arrest warrant has been issued in Salt Lake City that charges Seamons for Lemburger's first degree murder and rape.

Seamons has a long criminal past and has served state time in Idaho for burglary. He is scheduled to finish serving his Idaho kidnapping sentence in 2017.

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