Coeur d'Alene -- A robbery suspect's Creature from the Black Lagoon tattoo didn't lie.

Coeur d'Alene police on Friday arrested Christopher Michael Hastings on the strength of his bicep-to-elbow tattoo, even though Hastings initially denied he was the guy they were seeking.

Here's what happened: Detectives looking for a man who robbed a drug store and gas station visited an address near this northern Idaho city's downtown.

They found a female who denied knowing Hasting's real identity.

Just then, a male stepped from a bedroom in the residence. Though he insisted he wasn't Hastings, police were armed with a past booking photo of him. And that photo showed Hastings decorated with a tattoo similar to the creature in the iconic 1954 horror film.

Confronted with the photo, police say Hastings acknowledged his identity.

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