BOISE -- After winning a gold medal at the London Olympics, Boise cyclist Kristin Armstrong departed for home, and left two high-dollar racing bicycles in Europe. The bikes went on display in Germany.

Armstrong says the bikes were scheduled to be shipped to her home. However, on Tuesday when the shipment arrived at her front door, Armstrong says she was presented with two empty bike boxes.

Armstrong says her gold medal time trial bike is worth nearly $30,000, and her road bike is worth slightly less.

The bikes were on display at an event called Eurobike in Germany.

Armstrong's team Exergy 2012 said on its website it will offer a substantial reward for their return, or knowledge of their whereabouts.

Armstrong's husband, Joe Savola, told KTVB that the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security is investigating the disappearance of both bikes, since the incident could be an international theft case.

Armstrong reportedly said it was sad that someone had potentially stolen her bikes, and taken ownership away from her and her family.

If you have any information on the stolen bikes, or want to learn more click here.

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