CROUCH, Idaho -- The Springs Fire is still burning near Highway 55. So far, it has torched close to 6,000 acres.

Firefighters are making progress but the fire is only 30 percent contained.

With the fire just a few miles outside of Crouch, Boise County is preparing for the worst. An evacuation plan has been developed in case the fire moves closer to homes.

Homeowners have been on edge since the fire started burning over a week ago.

We are waiting for the sirens, hoping they don't come, said Dawn Kincaid, a Crouch resident.

The Boise County Sheriff's Office and the Garden Valley Fire Department visited 500 homes on Sunday, explaining what will happen if the Springs Fire moves closer.

We just want to make sure people understand where we are at with it, said Garden Valley Fire Chief Jon Delvalle.

Jo Israel's house was one of the places visited. They knocked on the door, they gave us information about what to pack and preparing our vehicles and animals, said Israel.

At this time no one is being evacuated. The sheriff's office and fire department just wanted to get people thinking about the possibility of evacuations and make sure they could reach all the homeowners.

The evacuation plan is divided into three levels. Level one lets people know to get ready, level two is recommended evacuations, and level three is mandatory evacuations.

Right now, Crouch isn't in any of these levels but if that changes the sheriff's office and fire department will go door to door letting people know.

This allows us to know for sure that every single person has been notified, said Boise County Sheriff Ben Roeber.

Homeowners can also call the Boise County Emergency Information line at 208-462-0552 for updated information on the Springs Fire.

Chief Delvalle says it is hard to tell if the evacuation plan will have to be put in place. If the weather keeps cooperating, Delvalle says there is a good chance the fire will never reach town. But the fire department and the sheriff's office is not taking any chances, and they want homeowners to be ready.

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