NAMPA -- An explosion and fire in a Nampa neighborhood sent one man to the hospital and worried neighbors.

The explosion happened on the 600 block of Maryland Avenue in Nampa. That's near the intersection of Greenhurst and Sunnyridge.

Kambry and Shasta Richardson were sitting in their Nampa living room Saturday afternoon when they heard and felt an explosion.

Our whole house vibrated, like shook, said Kambry.

They went outside and saw their neighbor, who they describe as an older man, running from his RV trailer.

We saw him running across the yard, and his shirt had holes in it from the burns, said Kambry.

I ran over to see if he was okay, and to see if he knew, and to tell him that his RV was on fire, said Shasta. He was running back, and I was like, 'Are you okay?'

He was kind of in shock, said Kambry. He was running back and forth. He was like, 'Let me move my truck.'

The Richardsons didn't know what had just happened, just that they needed to get out of there.

Me, and my mom and my sister, we just grabbed our cats and our dog and just drove off, said Kambry.

Kambry saw firefighters arrive as she was leaving with her family and pets.

(The trailer) was up in flames, I was freaking out, said Kambry. I was over there, off Sunnyridge, at the stoplight, looking behind me to see if it was out. I just saw big clouds of smoke going up in the sky.

Corporal Jed Webb with Nampa Police said they don't know exactly what caused the accident in this trailer, which was parked in an empty lot.

A gentleman was working on his trailer, and there was an accident of some sort, said Webb. There was an explosion ... We don't know what he was doing. We haven't been able to speak with him because of his injuries.

Nothing else burned, and no one else was hurt. The Richardsons are glad their family, pets and home are okay.

I was just praying that it wasn't going to catch our house on fire, said Kambry.

The owner of that trailer was taken to Saint Alphonsus in Boise. Webb didn't know his condition. Beyond that, Webb could only say that the explosion is under investigation.

Fire investigators are now trying to find exactly where the fire started in the trailer, which might point to a cause. They're also talking with people in the neighborhood to see if they saw anything.

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