KUNA, Idaho -- A new home is giving new hope to a severely wounded veteran.

He got to see the first wall go up Friday and by Sunday, the organization Homes For Our Troops said the outside of the Marine's home will be finished.

Most construction projects don't start with the new homeowner being escorted in, but this is not your typical construction project.

Homes for Our Troops is building a home for Marine Lance Corporal Randal Wright and they are doing it for free.

It is hard to put into words just how overwhelming it is, Wright said.

The labor, materials, time, everything is being donated.

It is really incredible to watch all the donations come in, said John Cotner with Cotner Building Co. We got all the supplies and labor. There is so much being donated from this community. It's incredible.

Wright lost both of his legs and a hand when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan back in 2010. He's been living with his parents, but their house is almost like a trap for Wright.

I can't turn around in it without putting a hole in the wall or scratching paint off, he said.

But in his new house things will be different.

It is just going to be so nice to have a room to turn around in, like bathrooms I can go into, Wright said. I have my independence. I'll be able to get out.

And Homes for Our Troops isn't wasting any time getting this house built.

We are actually going to have it done in two days, Cotner said.

That's right. By Sunday, the contractor wants the outside of the house done.

It's crazy! Wright said. I'm just really excited to be able to have my independence.

All of these people, some of them strangers, are excited to help give Wright some of his independence back.

It is a big deal and it means a lot, Wright said. I just really want to thank everybody here.

In the next few months, Homes for our Troops will finish the inside of the house.

If you are interested in volunteering or donating, you can do so by clicking here.

The non-profit builds all of their homes through donations.

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