BOISE -- The Boise Fire Department has issued a warning for users of the Boise River.

Officials say there is a significant water hazard just down river from the Glenwood Bridge.

The hazard consists of three trees from the same root ball have fallen into the river creating a dangerous strainer or water entrapment. The trees are very large and difficult to access from the bank.

This river runs right through the middle of our city, but it's constantly changing and any stretch of the river can be dangerous and pose hazards that are there one day that weren't there the day before, said Paul Roberts, Boise Fire Division Chief for Special Operations.

This section of the Boise River is in Garden City and is not often used by floaters. River managers consider this section to be wild, and often leave it in a natural state to protect and promote the health of the river environment. There is no immediate plans to clear the strainers.

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