BOISE -- Firefighters from the Bureau of Land Management are fighting a wildfire that started just after 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in the east Boise foothills.

The fire has been dubbed The Stone Fire.

Authorities say lightning likely sparked the fire, but add that no homes or buildings are currently threatened by the flames.

BLMfirefighters tell KTVB they've closed nearby Shaw Mountain Road at Fort Boise to prevent traffic from reaching the burning area.

You can click the link to see live skycam footage of the smoke and fire

BLMofficials respond to the flames

Officials say the fire is burning in an area roughly six acres in size near 8th Street and Rocky Canyon Road near Aldape Summit.

I think everybody in this neighborhood is generally concerned, because a lot of the properties are larger and have some grassland in the backyard, so they kind of have to be kind of thoughtful when it comes to fires, said resident Andrew Mentzer.

BLM spokesperson Mallory Eils told KTVB her departmentsays four wildland fire engines, two bulldozers and a water tanker to battle the flames.BLM also requested aerial fire support.

Eils tells us one factor fire crews are still concerned about is the possibility of thunderstorms, --that could bring winds and make it harder for crews to put out flames.

A thick blanket of smoke drifts over foothills homes onWednesday morning

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